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Suppliers of Limestone Tiles in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Limestone Tiles are still one of the first choices when it comes to lightness in design. Due to its light colour look many designers would use them to create a light, natural and healthy looking space.

Limestone Tiles are strong types of building materials if they are treated properly. They have been used from thousands of years ago as a finishes material, one of the examples of that would be Great Pyramids in Egypt.

Comparing with Other types of natural stone tiles, Limestone Tiles are softer than Travertine Tiles and Marble Tiles and they are stronger than Sandstone Tiles However if it is treated properly will last forever.

We are suppliers of high density and high quality Limestone Tiles, Travertine Tiles, Sandstone Tiles, Marble Tiles, Cladding Granite Tiles and Mosaic in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and other parts of South Africa.


  • Galaxy Grey Limestone Tiles Galaxy Grey Limestone Tiles
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  • Vanilla Limestone Vanilla Limestone
  • Opal Marble Limestone Opal Marble Limestone
  • Biscuit Cream Limestone (Brushed) Biscuit Cream Limestone (Brushed)


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